Aged Care – Guidance, Clarity, Information

ABC of Aged Care Connects with Existing Aged Care Services & Providers and delivers Practical Aged Care Information and Aged Care Education direct to Families looking after and supporting Transition to Aged Care for their Elderly, Australia wide

It is our vision to create a simpler path for Families and Carers to access Providers and Services in an objective and informed manner

Aged Care Living Choices
Funding and Finance
Health and Education

We are working on Projects like these:

Standardised Australia Wide Nursing Home Application Process

  • We have created a Draft Proposal how this would look and work

Practical, Direct to the ‘Consumer’ Education Delivery

  • We have created a Draft Outline how this would work

Streamlining Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home Care Packages

  • We are working on streamlining and possibly combining these two into one easy to understand, apply for and manage program

Aged Care Supported Living in the Community

  • We are investigating various alternatives to Nursing Home Living to make staying at home or at least as close to a home environment as possible, keeping in daily contact with ‘real life’